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[Info Oficial] Blade Master

Mensaje  illuminati Opera el Miér Ene 05, 2011 2:42 am

This class specializes in sword combat to deliver a variety of attacks. Using their sword they utilize skills like the "Batto Jutsu" technique to attack or defend against their enemies. Blade Masters are quite good at parrying their enemies blows, leaving them vulnerable to effective counter attacks. They don't always rely on close combat to bring their enemies down, they can use a flying sword technique that will harm their enemies from afar.

The Blade Master is a 'Warrior' class but instead of face tanking like Destroyers, Blade Masters avoid damage by evading or parrying enemy attacks. The Blade Master then responds by attacking his opponents weak points. Blade Masters use the Sword Chi to block or evade melee attacks, or they can also go on the offensive and thrust their opponents with great force.

The difficulty level of the Blade Master is about medium, the control itself is not too hard but timing the Evade or Parry skills could be a bit challenging at times. This class will definitely take some time to master.

Blade Masters use Chi Sword to call forth their abilities. A point is added to the Blade Masters Sword Chi bar every time a combo or special move is used. Depending on how difficult the combo is or how hard the ability hits the more Sword Chi points are consumed. Here's an image of what their status bars (HP/SC/Qing Gong) will look like:

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